According to, the best time of year to find love online is today at 8:57 pm.  Who knew?

It certainly makes sense.  Millions of singles just spent time with their families, and probably heard from at least one relative:         “So, have you met anyone yet?” 

The holidays can be a tough time to spend alone…  I guess I should mention, I’m speaking from experience here…

I was on nine years ago at this time, but for a different reason, I thought.  I had started a local, non-online dating service six months earlier.  I found I had a number of GREAT women clients in their 40s and 50s, and wanted to find some great men for them to date, so I put a very general profile online.

I thought I would meet with candidates, and if I liked them, do a quick background check, and then set up some dates.  This is where fate stepped in, BIG TIME!

scan0012The first man I met used the moniker “Tall Guy” on

We e-mailed a bit.  I liked the way he went to the trouble to actually share things about himself.

So after just a few e-mail exchanges I called him.  That conversation went even better!  “Tall Guy” lived only ten miles away, so we set up a “date” for the next Saturday.

I’ll never forget how cute he looked when he arrived with a big bouquet of flowers, which he tried unsuccessfully to hide behind his back.  Tall and very attractive was my first impression…  beautiful green-grey eyes was my second.

Our first “date” lasted TEN HOURS!  We couldn’t quit talking…

This week we will celebrate nine years of a rare and lovely way of relating.  We still enjoy spending lots of time together, talking or not talking.  Love is stronger than ever.  We have shared so much, with so much more to share…

So if you feel ready to get serious about love again, don’t miss this window of opportunity today.

If you don’t feel ready, perhaps my book: How To Believe In Love Again: Opening to Forgiveness, Trust and Your Own Inner Wisdom, in both paper and Kindle format, can help.