Dare to love, but first yourself!

First love thyself, only then let self go.

self-respectToo many skip over the first step towards finding the kind of love they seek, and in this way never find true love.

How do you feel about yourself, honestly? It is so much easier to be self-critical than to take an honest look and find yourself basically lovable.

Are you a good person who does their best to treat others well? Are you a loving person? Why not turn some of that love loose on yourself right now? Are you worthy of love and self-respect? Then give yourself some right now!

It can take decades to learn these life lessons, but you will not be ready to love somebody more than you love yourself until you first truly love yourself.

Imagine the courage it takes to love another person more than yourself. We are naturally fearful of losing those we love, and so it may seem counter-intuitive to love another person so much, and yet that is what true love is.

Learn to love yourselfBut do not assume at an early age that you have found love because you love this other person so much more than you love yourself.

There’s a good chance this only means you need to work a whole lot harder on giving yourself the love you so desire.

How much do you care what others think?

Various chaos in my life lately has left me wondering why I care so much what others think, mostly because Mike seems to have very little interest in what anyone thinks of his choices.

We had an interesting discussion of this the other day, and concluded that men tend to care less than women what others think of them.  But, if this is true, why?

I would say I was raised to care what others think of me, and it is only since I met Mike that I have slowly lost interest in other peoples’ opinions of the choices I make.  I guess that is called independent thinking.  This leaves me feeling quite liberated, although Mike calls my efforts mere baby steps.

Is this something that changes with aging? Check out #16 in this excellent article called: 20 Signs You Are Succeeding in Life…

You Don’t Care What Other People Think:

You know you can’t please everyone. You know that the standards with which society judges is many times unrealistic… So just keep true to yourself and love the person you are.” 

To this I would respond: So much easier to say than do!        Perhaps caring too much about what others think is a barrier to growing up and your own happiness… I know it has been for me!


Believe in Love Again!

Butterfly side view small 2007Love can be tough when you’re older, divorced and wondering what’s next.  I know I felt relatively certain my “love life” was over at age 49, but I changed my mind when I lost my career a few years after my divorce…

Going only on my own desire to try something completely different, I started my own dating service. There I spent some serious time learning from hundreds of 40+ singles about what it feels like to know that you are far too young to give up on love, and yet fearful that you may be too disillusioned to ever try again. What I discovered is that there are quite a few of us who have lost our faith in love, and that included me!

So I got busy changing my mind.  With my natural stubborn streak and extensive background in psychology, I used decades of personal experience with love and disappointment to turn my attitude around. First I began to finally value my mysterious and yet powerful personal guidance system.  I quit interrupting when it was trying to tell me something important.  Enough “rational” assessments of my situation. What did I want right now?

I also knew I needed to forgive myself for everything in my past, but what was the best way to do that?

Slowly I created a formula which included finding new self-respect for where I was at, appreciating how I got there, and devising various ways to love myself into believing in love again.    I saw how much I feared love, and began searching out those experiences in my past that were keeping me stuck.

My formula included focusing on my own unique shame and trust issues, forgiving myself for past mistakes, listening to my inner wisdom, and utilizing cathartic techniques to change my beliefs about what love might have to offer me now.

My solutions worked for me!  How did I know?  I met the love of my life a few months after I decided to change.

I so hate to watch others suffer, so six years after I met Mike I completed my book: How To Believe In Love Again: Opening to Forgiveness, Trust, and Your Own Inner Wisdom. 

Are you ready to acknowledge that you have also lost your faith in love?  Read my book and then make believing in love again your highest priority! It worked for me… it will probably work for you!

I worked for 25 years as a research librarian before transitioning into my present work as a writer and psychotherapist.  I hold three graduate degrees including one in counseling psychology. Don’t miss my popular blog: MidlifeCrisisQueen.com.

Feel free to contact me for more information or personal counseling at: MidlifeCrisisQueen@gmail.com

Breaking ground in the CO foothills!

This week we have some actual excavation going on on our foothills building site!  YES!

IMGP2739We were up there the other evening at dusk and experienced a magnificent light show!


We had a lovely home in the suburbs, but Mike always said he wasn’t moving again until we got a view.. well I guess we will get that with our new home!

I am pleasingly surprised at how much I love the rural life.  When we go up to visit our new home site, I just have to pinch myself to believe this will all be ours!

DSCF0797To each her own, but I feel like one lucky dog!!!

success is the best revengeFrom one miserable, unemployed divorcee to a happily married writer with a bright new life up in those beautiful hills in just ten years… can’t beat that!

 Eat your heart out JOHN…                  You know who you are!